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2017-18 Connecticut Basketball Game Rules

  All games are governed by high school rules except for the following:

1.      Game Logistics. Each game will be scheduled for 65 to 75 minute time slots. A 3-5 minute warm-up period will be allowed prior to each game. Teams are encouraged to stretch outside the gym before their game, if permitted by your host.

2.      Length of Game/Quarters. The home team controls the length of each quarter but quarters should never be less than 7 minutes and 8 minute quarters are preferred with a clock that stops.  The home team—not the referee—determines the length of quarters.  It is recommended that halftime be limited to 3 minutes (and is otherwise a long time out).

3.      Ties. There are no ties.

a.       If the score is tied at the end of regulation, two minutes shall be placed on the clock.  The team ahead at the end of the two minutes is the winner.

b.      Overtime will commence with a jump ball. 

c.       There are no timeouts in overtime—just play.

d.      If still tied at the end of the two minutes, place another two minutes on the clock and repeat process until a winner is declared.

4.      Fouls. Team fouls reset at the half as in CIAC play for all divisions.

5.      Foul Shots. 4th Grade Boys and 5th Grade Girls may shoot fouls 1 foot inside of the foul line. Referees are encouraged to call only blatant violations on the foul shooter at these ages.

6.      Ball Size.  4th Grade Boys, 5th Grade Boys and all Girls divisions will use a 28.5” ball.

7.      Time-outs.  Each team shall be allotted two full (60 second) and two 30 sec. time-outs per game. There are no timeouts in overtime. Either coaches or players may call a time-out.

8.      Mercy Rule. There is a 20-point differential rule is in effect for regular season games.
If there is a 20-point differential at any point in the second half of the game, the winning team shall not press.

9.      Referees. Board certified referees must officiate each game.

10.  Coaches Conduct. If a coach receives a technical foul he/she must stay seated on the bench for the remainder of the game.  If ejected from a game, the ejected coach shall serve a one game suspension starting with the next regular season or Connecticut Basketball tournament game. (The Club President representing the offending coach may appeal the suspension—if following a thorough investigation of the matter, concludes that the suspension was unwarranted.)

11.  Parents Conduct. Any parent who enters the court during the playing of the game—including the stoppage of play—shall, at the referee’s discretion, cause a forfeit of the game.

* A copy of these rules should be present at each home site.